The MightyMold System

MightyMolds are the world’s first fully three-dimensional modular mold system for pouring professional quality candles, soaps, miniatures, and more! Designed to eliminate the every-day mold problems encountered by all crafters, MightyMolds are easy to use, space-efficient, and fully modular. With MightyMolds, you can pour different types of products, in whatever quantity you wish, using the exact same processes and equipment. Our 100% skin-safe silicone soap molds allow you to achieve professional quality results using hand-pour processes. Our silicone candle molds easily release even the hardest waxes, while still capturing complex forms and the minutest of details. Miniatures and models can be created on a large scale easier and more cost effective than ever before, due to our completely modular system.


The secret behind the MightyMold system is its modular design and function. Each MightyMold is made up of a front and back end cap, and then a variable number of Mighty Multipliers. These multiplier pieces can be inserted in between the end caps to increase the amount of items being poured. A MightyMultiplier inserted into a two-bar silicone soap mold creates a four-bar silicone soap mold. Another Multiplier creates a six-bar silicone soap mold. The same principal is applied to products of all shapes and sizes.


Additionally, each MightyMold is equipped with male and female connections so that one mold can be attached to another. This compact design minimizes the space required to pour multiple types and quantities of candles, soaps, miniatures, and more. Setup one time. Tear down one time. Simple, easy, and time-saving silicone molds that stand the test of time. Use MightyMolds, and save your day!