The Mighty Molds Tall and Skinny Loaf Soap Mold

We are proud to announce the launch of our Tall and Skinny Loaf Soap Mold! Perfect for melt and pour soap, as well as cold process soap, this versatile soap mold features wide open cavities that are perfect for layering, swirling, or simply just pouring soap. Each cavity holds just over two pounds of soap, and as with any Mighty Mold, the Tall and Skinny Loaf Soap Mold is fully modular, so the size is fully customizable!




In addition to our patent pending Mighty Multiplier technology, the Tall and Skinny Loaf Soap Mold features something completely new to the silicone soap mold world – inset walls! That’s right – we’ve actually sunk solid walls into the middle of the silicone, helping to prevent bowing and keeping those edges straight and sharp!





With the latest addition of our Mighty Mold Straps, this new addition to the loaf soap mold world is sure to deliver an impressing new experience to the savvy soaper. A simple and fast assembly process, coupled with unmatched stability and durability provides unmatched performance. And as with any Mighty Mold, the unmolding process could not be easier – the soap almost jumps out of the mold! Order yours today!


***If you are having problems viewing the video, trying switching browsers or clearing your cache. We’ve had reports of FireFox having issues playing the video.***

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