The Mighty Molds Dragon Egg Mold

We are proud to announce the launch of the Mighty Molds Dragon Egg Mold! This versatile silicone mold can be used to make both candles and soaps, even at the same time! Crafted from 100% platinum cure silicone and featuring our patent pending Mighty Multiplier technology, the new Dragon Egg Mold forms completely solid, fully formed 3D dragon eggs in a single pour. Stop using hot soap to glue halves together. Stop fighting with molds that don’t want to release, or damage your soaps when they do. Take advantage of our modular mold system and get a mold tailor suited to your size and needs.


Aside from the fantastic mold release properties and modular size capabilities, our Dragon Egg Mold features another new surprise – open-mold half pours! These new molds can be used to form full eggs, but it can also be used “open” to create half an egg at a time! Each egg cavity is internally wicked for candle making, as well as being equipped with a slot on the pour spout that can hold acrylic stopper rings. These stopper rings block the flow of soap and cap the pour spout, keeping everything contained in the half mold. Have complete control over your mold when you use Mighty Molds!


Equipped with the new Mighty Mold Straps, the Dragon Egg Mold is our most user-friendly mold yet. By allowing crafters to make both candles and soaps in the same mold, along with the ability to create half-eggs, we’ve created a truly versatile mold that still boasts the amazing release properties of any Mighty Mold. Easy wicking, effortless assembly and release, and truly versatile functionality has resulted in a Dragon Egg Mold worthy of sending a raven or two about. Order yours today!




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