Taper Candle Mold Comparison – Mighty Molds vs The Other Guys

Check out this video to see exactly how Mighty Molds are different from the competition!

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  • Avatar Deb Geggus says:

    Very informative video Haley. I like the comparison you made and showed us just how each of the candle molds work. Fast, easy, and multiple candles at a time is the way I’m going! Thanks Again

  • Hi, these are exactly what I’ve been hoping to find.

    What I need is square and rectangular versions of the mighty mold. I am hoping to make cement/concrete candles. I need several sizes of them so I’d be asking for 3 or 4 different molds (each able to make 4, 6 or 8 (or even 10) candles at a time. Definitely happy to forgo exclusivity, and help sell them for you to others as well.

    Please email me if you can.


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