Prototype 5: Loaf Molds Anyone?!

This is where it gets real, folks! The newest prototype is a triple cavity “Mini-Bread” loaf mold that allows you to pour one, two, or three loaves at a time! This prototype highlights the unprecedented functionality of MightyMolds. Traditional loaf molds are two-dimensional and often times, a real pain to work with. Wooden molds with flimsy silicone insert liners. Plastic molds with removable parts, screws, bolts, and headaches. MightyMolds change all of that.




The loaf mold we have created is a true three-dimensional shape, with curved edges and corners. When unmolded, these loaves will look like real, traditional loaves of bread with the mushroom top. We left the ends flat simply to facilitate cutting. Who wants unusable soap loaf caps?! Beyond this, the mold is a two-piece design, allowing for truly effortless unmolding.






This mold is also completely modular, meaning it can be broken down into a single mold, or more pieces can be added until you are pouring three loaves at a time. Each cavity holds approximately two pounds of soap, and the completely open pour area still allows for swirling, inserts, piping, and any other customization you may want to apply to your soap.













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  • Avatar Jean Howard says:

    I want to buy…NOWWWWWWWWWWWWW
    When will they be for sale?
    Do you need a guinea pig? I’m all yours!!!

  • Avatar Haley Grace says:

    Hi Jean!

    Thank you so much for the interest! We are currently ramping up for our Kickstarter campaign that will launch within a month or so. But we will be running some contests soon and trying to get some molds out to people to test, so we’ll be sure to let you know when we start those!

  • Avatar Steven Childress says:

    Hello Haley,
    I hope all is well with your new vacuum system and equipment.
    I am glad that you reached out to me on FB. I have many ideas.
    I would like a variety of loaf molds from 6 pounds to to 15 pounds. I am not interested in the bread shape just basic squared corners or even rounded corners. A mold that easily comes apart to allow my 24 hour soap (sometimes slightly soft) to get air to harden the rest of the way. I could see it in three pieces. A bottom piece and the sides and ends that pull away leaving the soap to rest on the bottom portion of the mold and all sides open to the air.
    I like your 15 bar mold but I would like to have each cavity to contain either a custom design or a choice of many designs from floral imprints to sculptured designs as seen in current single mold designs.
    Here is another suggestion that I would be interested in a flat mold that will create thin flat bar large enough to line a Pringle can or a hollow round cavity that can be used the way the Pringle can is used for round soaps that have a wrap around them. I can send you pictures if necessary.
    I would also be interested small fruit shaped hand soap as a gift or guest bathroom soap. You could create a mold with many types of fruit in each cavity so you could end up with a horn of plenty set in one mold, all mini’s of course.
    I have many other ideas and looking forward to working with you.

    Best regards,

    • Avatar Haley Grace says:

      Hi Steve!

      You’ve hit the nail on the head for several of our next projects! We’ll be coming out with a square loaf mold very soon that is actually vertically modular, also known as STACKABLE! You’ve described the exact process we are going to use. There will be a base piece that can either be plain, have decoration or branding on it, or basically anything else someone may want the top of their loaf to look like. From there, two wall sections will attach to the base and form the full mold. When done, you can either set that mold aside, assemble another one, and then stack them on top of each other to dry, OR, you can simply add wall pieces to the existing mold without adding another base piece, essentially extending your loaf vertically.

      We’ve actually got several 3D shapes for bars that have been contest winners recently. We’ll be creating a grenade bar for sure, and then a curved “Dial” bar as well. Beyond that, we have several custom jobs in the works that really highlight the custom shape and 3D shape potential of MightyMolds. We’re hoping the customers will be okay with us sharing pics.

      The Pringles can mold I may need you to shoot me some pics of, so I can get a better idea. Feel free to send an e-mail to

      You’re right on top of us with the fruits as well, LOL! We’re working on a design for mini embeds of fruits, pineapples, bananas, oranges, apples, basically anything we can make a nice 3D shape out of. These will most likely be poured with spurs, where one pour cavity will pour several embeds that are connected to a support structure, that you would then just pop the fruits off of. Think the old model airplane and car parts, that you would pop off of the plastic support pieces.

      We’re started to pick up quite a bit of custom work, so if there is something you want to have done ASAP, or something you’d like to have us do and keep exclusive for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be more than happy to design a mold specifically around your needs and requirements.

      Thanks again for your support and interest! It’s really appreciated!

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