Taper Candle Mold – 9 Inch



Cavities Per Layer:    4
Cavity Size:                1.9 oz
Material:                     Platinum Cure Silicone


External:                    6.75″ L  x  2.75″ W  x  10.5″ H
Internal:                     9″ H  x  .75″ D (Body)


End Caps:                6.20 lb
Internal Walls:          3.15 lb

(All of our molds are hand-poured so there may be some variance in dimensions|weight)



9″ Taper Candle Mold

Candle makers have been at the mercy of their molds for years. Working with some of the stickiest and most temperamental substances in the crafting world, candle makers have specific mold needs that are often times left very unfulfilled. Traditional taper candle molds are some of the most difficult in the industry. Wicking is a pain. Unmolding is a nightmare. Stability and durability are nonexistent.

9" Taper Candle Mold - Open
We’ve created this 9″ taper candle mold as a way of addressing all of these issues, and more. Our internal wicking system is almost too good to be true. Simply cut the wick to length and insert it into the pre-formed wick slot. Easily centered wicks every single time!




With each mold boasting four cavities per layer, the stability and durability problems of traditional taper candle molds are a thing of the past. This mold stands on its own and won’t tip over with a simple nudge like other molds. And with the addition of our new Mighty Mold Straps, there is no danger of popping a seal, even when moving a full mold!




When it comes time to unmold, things could not be easier. Simply peel away mold layers and pull the candles right out of the mold – if they don’t fall out on their own, that is! Due to each mold being crafted from 100% platinum cure silicone, even beeswax candles pop right out, every single time.




Stop wasting time and money on old molds that cause more problems than they solve. Invest in a mold system today that saves you time, streamlines your processes, and skyrockets your production. When it’s time to start taking thing serious – it’s time for a Mighty Mold. And don’t forget that with our 10 year shelf life and a library life of hundreds to thousands of pours, Mighty Molds will help turn your craft into a greener enterprise from beginning to end!


****This product is being sold as a functioning prototype. There will be cosmetic flaws, blemishes, and imperfections that are associated with the hand crafting process we employ to create each and every mold. While still completely functional, these molds will not be as finished or as perfect as a factory made product. Please do not expect a completely perfect mold when ordering a prototype. Any prototypes that do not function properly will be replaced with one that does.****
****Please take care when using Mighty Molds. Molten soaps and waxes are extremely hot and can stain, burn, and damage both skin and property. We assume no liability or responsibility for accidents or damages incurred while using Mighty Molds, whether they be caused by product failure or operator error.****

Additional information

Weight 6.20 lbs
Dimensions 6.75 × 2.75 × 10.5 in

4, 8, 12, 16, 20


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