Square Bar Soap Mold



Cavities Per Layer: 4
Cavity Size: 7.5 oz
Material: Platinum Cure Silicone
External: 12.75″ L  x  3″ W  x  5.75″ H
Internal: 2.25″ L  x  1.5″ W  x  3.75″ H

End Caps: 6 lb
Multipliers: 4 lb



This rugged soap mold works for both melt and pour soap and cold process soap, with extra-wide pour spouts that accommodate the thickest of bases and batters. Made with 100% platinum cure silicone that ensures an easy-release, each bar from the Square Bar Mold weighs in at a whopping eight ounces! With four bars per layer and eight ounces per bar, this premium silicone soap mold holds 32 ounces per layer, or two pounds of soap! That’s a whole loaf!


Who needs a soap cutter when fully formed bars with the sharpest edges in the industry can be popped right out of their mold?! In addition to sharp edges and perfectly formed corners, the Square Bar Soap Mold features our patent pending Mighty Multiplier technology, allowing for the customization of mold size. Turn a four bar mold into an eight, twelve, or sixteen bar mold! Contact us for logos, imprints, or other customization options as well!



With the latest addition of our Mighty Mold Straps, this new soap mold is guaranteed to exceed expectations. By bringing together rugged durability and stability capable of forming hard corners and sharp lines with the revolutionary mold release properties of the Mighty Mold system, we have created a Square Bar Mold capable of withstanding hundreds or thousands of pours while still being intuitive and easy to use. Go green and invest in a mold system that helps keep the planet clean in more ways than one! Pour your bars, pop them out of the mold, and move on. By taking the hassle out of soap making, Mighty Molds saves your day!



****This product is being sold as a functioning prototype. There will be cosmetic flaws, blemishes, and imperfections that are associated with the hand crafting process we employ to create each and every mold. While still completely functional, these molds will not be as finished or as perfect as a factory made product. Please do not expect a completely perfect mold when ordering a prototype. Any prototypes that do not function properly will be replaced with one that does.****
****Please take care when using Mighty Molds. Molten soaps and waxes are extremely hot and can stain, burn, and damage both skin and property. We assume no liability or responsibility for accidents or damages incurred while using Mighty Molds, whether they be caused by product failure or operator error.****

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12.75 × 3 × 5.75 in
Mighty Multipliers:

0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5


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