Concept art showing the MightyMold system for gaming. A fully modular silicone model mold used to create gaming pieces and terrain

MightyMold for Gaming

The MightyMold System unleashes powerful new opportunities for the world of gaming. Our silicone model molds allow gamers to craft entire armies and castles with ease. Whether you are looking to create models, scenery, terrain, or decor, MightyMolds make it easier than ever before.


Buying models, scenery, terrain, and everything else needed for miniature gaming can really add up. Especially if you play multiple games, or want to have multiple armies. For that reason, we have created the MightyMold System for Gaming.  MightyMolds are incredibly easy to use, can create multiple pieces at a time, and will work for models, scenery, terrain, or basically anything else you might need for miniature gaming.


Additionally, we will be creating a Mighty Model library, which will allow miniatures gamers to create their own custom model army at a fraction of the traditional cost. Choose race, style, and personal features for each of your models, and then we’ll create your very own custom Mighty Mold, which you can then use to create as many models as you wish, for a drastically lower cost than buying pre-made models. Use our modular Multiplier system to scale your army to whatever size you wish, easily and affordably, while still using the exact same method and materials. MightyMolds finally allows gamers to easily create 100% custom models and terrains affordably, and to a scale that is actually practical for active players.


The fully modular system of MightyMolds is the key to its scalability. All MightyMolds have the same basic design – two end caps with a variable number of MightyMultipliers in between. This allows you to incrementally increase the amount of models being made, no matter the style or shape! Turn a two model mold, into a four, or six, or eight model mold!


Finally, each MightyMold is fitted with external male and female connections, allowing you to connect all your MightyMolds together, increasing stability and maximizing space-efficiency. Connect model molds to terrain molds, scenery molds to decor molds, or any combination in-between! Setup one time, break down one time. Simple, easy, and time-saving silicone molds that stand the test of time. Use MightyMolds, and save your day!