MightyMold for Candles

The MightyMold System presents a revolutionary new standard in easy release candle molds. Our 100% silicone candle molds are some of the most space-efficient, sturdy, and versatile mold solutions available anywhere in the world. Whether you are looking for beeswax candle molds, or something suitable for soy or paraffin waxes, MightyMolds will work for you.


Candles can be a pain to setup, pour, and break down. For that reason, we have created the MightyMold System for Candles. Crafted from 100% skin-safe silicone, MightyMolds are incredibly easy to wick, will pick up the minutest of details, and guarantee a no-hassle easy release, every single time.


The fully modular system of MightyMolds is the key to its innovative design. All MightyMolds have the same basic design – two end caps with a variable number of MightyMultipliers in between. This allows you to incrementally increase the amount of candles being poured, no matter the style or shape! Turn a two candle mold, into a four, or six, or eight candle mold!


Additionally, each MightyMold is fitted with male and female connections, allowing you to connect all your MightyMolds together, increasing stability and maximizing space-efficiency. Connect taper candle molds to pillar candle molds, votive candle molds to tealight candle molds, or any combination in-between! Setup one time, break down one time. Simple, easy, and time-saving silicone molds that stand the test of time. Use MightyMolds, and save your day!