The Beginning

In The Beginning…

In the beginning, there were no MightyMolds. Candle and soap makers were forced to make due with the traditional 2D molds that made candle and soap making a hassle. Having to setup, pour, and tear down multiple molds just to create a single candle or bar of soap. Using hot wax or soap to glue halves together, hoping that the finished product would somewhat resemble a professionally made product. Cutting bars off of loaves and tediously wicking candle molds for hours. Having their creativity and vision stifled by the limited availability of molds, and wracking their brains for ways to distinguish their products from the hundreds of others made with the exact same molds. It was a dark time for candle and soap makers.


And then, the world was changed. MightyMolds were unleashed upon the Earth, and the days of struggle were ended. Constructed from 100% skin-safe silicone, MightyMolds were able to release even the hardest soaps and waxes without the use of chemical release agents Рperfect for anyone making natural soap and candles. They allowed for single-pour processes that created fully 3D, solid,  professional quality products. Being fully modular, MightyMolds employed a system of MightyMultipliers that could be added or removed from any candle or soap mold. These multiplier pieces incrementally increased the capacity of MightyMolds, turning two-bar soap molds into four-bar soap molds, and four-taper candle molds into eight-taper candle molds. This space-saving design revolutionized the mold world, making it easier than ever to craft multiple pieces at the same time. There was much rejoicing.



Finally, each MightyMold was fitted with male and female connectors, which made them all connectable. For the first time ever, candle and soap molds could be connected together into one solid, sturdy, mighty mold. Crafters were able to set up one time, pour their products, and then break down one time. Their time and energy were saved, making it easier to create more candles and soaps. Their creativity was emboldened and supported by custom molds made specifically for them. A new day had dawned for the world of candle and soap making. MightyMolds had arrived to save the day!



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  • Avatar Debra says:

    I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to buy MightMolds and be able to pour multiple bars of soap at once. This product is very exciting!

  • Avatar Haley Grace says:

    Thank you Debra! We’re working hard to get our designs finished and the Kickstarter campaign underway. Be sure to let us know what kind of molds you’d like to see first in the upcoming polls!

  • Avatar Phyllis Dickinson says:

    Are you still in business? (Your posts are dated 2017, 2019….?

    Second, Do the two straps and clips come with an 8 taper (6 inch) mold?

    How fast is delivery to Chicago area?

    These look so fantastic!

    • Mold Meister JoeyG Mold Meister JoeyG says:

      Heya Phyllis!

      Yes, still in business. Most people contact us via email

      Straps come with molds, and for the time being we send bobby pins for clips. Eventually we may get our clips back, but for now it’s bobby pins.

      We hand pour molds to order. It’s generally 7-10 business days to pour the mold (depending upon how many orders we currently have), and then it’s generally a couple days for shipping. We’ve been working on a new style of mold which allows consumers to increase the number of cavities (by 4) of their molds by purchasing an internal layer. These internal layers will only work with molds purchased after February of 2023.

      Thank you kindly for your interest

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