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Levels of Higher Professional Education

Officially, we got acquainted with the two-tier education system in 2009. Previously, all students overcame 5 years of study and received a diploma. The division into two phases has caused confusion. Higher education levels can be handled with write my papers easily:

  1. Bachelor. It is considered the first stage, incomplete higher. Fundamental general training.
  2. Master's and Specialty. The level is aimed at deepening into the specialty, practical activity, preparation for scientific activity.
  3. Postgraduate studies. Training includes educational, pedagogical, research activities. Students write a thesis, receive the qualification "Researcher" or "Teacher-researcher". The degree of candidate of sciences is awarded.

The European education system has the following structure:

  1. Bachelor - 3-4 years of study.
  2. Master's degree - 5 years or 1-2 years after the bachelor's degree.
  3. Doctor - 8 years of study, 3 years after master's degree.

Three levels are implied by the Bologna education system switched to in 2003. Benefits of the transition:

  1. The acquisition of specific skills and the emergence of different qualifications.
  2. Students have the right to choose the place and program of study.
  3. There is an opportunity to receive several diplomas.


  1. The education system was considered one of the best in the world. The transition to it became impossible.
  2. Young specialists are in a hurry to leave for permanent residence in Europe.
  3. Even the best universities are not listed in Europe.

The experts concluded that the disadvantages are not in the education system itself, but in its application in. When introducing several levels, hire someone for editing my paper to avoid making mistakes, in order to bring the quality of the knowledge gained, a lot of work needs to be done.


Disadvantages and advantages of master's degrees 


Those who want to delve into their specialty and get in touch with science have the opportunity to enroll in a magistracy. This degree has a number of advantages:

  • bachelors can take a rest after 4 years of study, and then go to the magistracy;
  • there is an opportunity to change the specialty to another by ordering a paper on if there is a desire to become specialists in several areas or plans have changed;
  • you can simultaneously get a bachelor's degree in another institution or even outside the country.



  • it is difficult to enroll on the budget, there are few places for free education in the magistracy;
  • it is difficult to stay in a master's program, so if you cannot attend classes because of work, then problems may arise;
  • not all specialties have distance learning for this program;
  • two years in some specialties is too little to write and defend a scientific work with high quality.


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