FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are Mighty Molds?

Mighty Molds is an innovative new mold system for creating candles, soaps, and basically anything else that can be molded.


Who created Mighty Molds?

Mighty Molds is the creation of a father-son team and one of their good friends. Joey and Haley Grace teamed up with Art Risavy Sr. in order to create the best mold system the candle and soap industries have ever seen.


How are Mighty Molds different than other molds?

Mighty Molds is the world’s first fully modular mold system. Comprised of two end caps and then a variable number of Multipliers (layers), Mighty Molds allows you to choose the perfect sized mold to suit your needs. Each Multiplier incrementally increases the size of the mold, turning a four cavity mold into an eight cavity mold with one Multiplier, a twelve cavity mold with two Multiplier, and so on!

Additionally, Mighty Molds allows for the effortless release of fully 3D shaped objects, without the need for “gluing” two halves together. Fully 3D shapes can be poured and then released easily by our modular system. And as each mold is crafted from 100% platinum cure silicone, they exhibit release properties and shelf lives that are unheard of across candle and soap circles.


How are Mighty Molds made?

Each Mighty Mold is hand mixed and hand poured in our workshop located in Collinsville, Illinois, which is a suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. A catalyst is mixed with a resin in order to create a durable yet pliable silicone rubber.


Your molds are kind of pricey. What’s up with that?

Our molds are very different than traditional candle and soap molds, for good reason. Whereas most molds are flimsy and may wear out over just a few uses, our molds are durable, rugged, and made to withstand hundreds if not thousands of pours. While we strive to engineer a streamlined and cost-effective product, the sheer size and weight required to create stable, durable, and reliable molds can sometimes be daunting. Some of our molds weigh upwards of ten pounds of sheer, solid silicone. And as we use only 100% platinum cure silicone rubber, the material costs can be quite substantial.

Bearing this in mind, our first priority is securing a good contract for silicone in the future, allowing us to reduce our costs and pass those savings on to you, the customer. We hope that in the interim you will support us with your patronage during this transitional period, and help us make Mighty Molds more affordable for everyone.


What kind of candle waxes can be used with Mighty Molds?

Since Mighty Molds create candles that are not for container use, the harder the waxes used, the better. Beeswax and soy have been mold tested without problems, and paraffin mixes should have no problems at all. Pure paraffin candles should work but may experience bending or bowing of the candle when unmolding, simply due to the soft nature of the wax.


What kind of soaps can be used with Mighty Molds?

Mighty Molds have been tested for both melt and pour and cold process soap with resounding success. Capable of withstanding temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, Mighty Molds are also perfect for CPOP soap. Please take care when moving full soap molds. Straps are not oven safe.


How are Mighty Molds wicked?

Each Mighty Mold is packaged with a blunt-tip metal wicking needle. These needles have larger than average eyes so that wicks can pass through easily, and they are made of durable metal so that they can be used over and over again. Simply thread the wick through the eye of the needle, and then push the needle through the wick hole in each cavity. Pliers may be required to pull the needle through the other side of the mold.


How long do Mighty Molds last?

Silicone rubber has both a shelf life, and a library life. Shelf life is how long the silicone could simply sit on a shelf, before it began to degrade. Our platinum cure silicone rubber boasts a shelf life of 10+ years. Library life is how many times the mold can be used before release properties and other characteristics of the silicone begin to deteriorate. As Mighty Molds can be used with a wide range of materials from beeswax all the way to concrete, the library life can vary drastically. For most soap and candle purposes, the library life of all Mighty Molds should be hundreds to thousands of pours.


I see a lot on the site about ‘prototypes’ and don’t know what you mean.

Mighty Molds is a brand new business venture that has just seen it’s second anniversary. While our products are functional and already miles ahead of the current molds available, they are not a factory produced, 100% finished product. Our molds will have cosmetic flaws, blemishes, and imperfections that would not be found in a factory produced product. As such, our products should be considered hand made and hand crafted, as each mold is mixed and poured by hand in our workshop. We trim and finish each mold to the best of our abilities, but until we can shift into factory production, our molds should be purchased with the knowledge that they will not be entirely perfect. They are however sold as functioning prototypes, meaning they do work, and if they fail to do so, they will be replaced with one that does.


Are there seam lines in your molds?

All of our molds do in fact separate, and therefore will exhibit some signs of seam lines. This can be mitigated somewhat by tightening the seal on the mold with our Mighty Mold Straps, but there will always be some semblance of seam line. Most lines are however, very easily buffed out of the product. If a contoured or fully 3D shape is being molded, seam lines can be harder buff out.


Do you make custom molds?

Yes we do! Contact us at info@mightymolds.com for your custom mold needs!


Can you help me make my own mold?

Yes we can! Mighty Molds are specifically intended for larger scale crafters and businesses who put a premium on streamlined processes and time saving features. If your needs are much less substantial and you would like to learn how to create your own mold, for your own needs, contact us anyway! We’re happy to help you along the way.