Custom Molds

We offer custom mold creation  for businesses and individuals who need an affordable means of producing professional quality products consistently, and in large quantities. Consequently, our custom molds are a perfect solution for molding 3D objects. And similarly, they are excellent for use with difficult mediums such as beeswax!




Mighty Mold System – Your Design!

Our system consists of two end caps with any number of internal ‘multipliers’ that you desire. Our modular mold system allows you to create the perfect sized custom mold to suit your needs.



Each multiplier increases the size of the mold by its original number of cavities. Therefore, a four cavity mold becomes an eight cavity mold with one multiplier. And subsequently a twelve cavity mold with two multipliers, and so on!



The Custom Mold Creation Process

Custom mold pricing begins at $950.00 and increases from there depending upon the complexity of the mold design, and the number of cavities being requested.


Our process for creating your custom mold:

    • We ask you to provide images of the item you’re wanting to make into a mold. If you do not have the exact image, example images and/or a detailed description can be used. We review your images/description, and if applicable, will point out any issues we see that may cause problems either in creating the mold, or with unmolding the finished product. We also ask you to provide exact dimensions (if applicable).
    • A digital sculpt of your model is then created. You will have the opportunity to review/edit the sculpt before moving to the next step.
    • After you have approved the digital sculpt, it is tuned into a 3D file that is used to create a 3D template/s of your model. Once you have approved the sculpt, any further edits to the model will incur additional charges (as 3D printing of your model template/s will have already begun).
    • Master mold box/es and registrations are created next.
    • Your custom mold is created using Platinum Cure Silicone.


Setup, Delivery and Payment

When you are ready to move forward with your project we will present you with an invoice. Once that invoice is paid we will move your project into our production schedule. Custom molds take between 4-6 weeks to complete. In addition, we have implemented a 30 day lead time (this, to allow us to clear our production queue before adding new projects). So 8-10 weeks in total.

Larger invoices can be split into two 50|50 payments.





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