A New Design, A New Process, and New Molds!

It has been a long road creating the world’s first modular mold system, but we’ve never stopped working, improving, and innovating our molds. For many years we were limited by the processes we used to create our molds, but those days are no more!

Recently we re-launched the website, and our molds! With a new mold creation design and process, we have been able to improve on our previous design, and deliver the product we’ve always envisioned. Mighty Molds are now fully modular, meaning internal layers will fit inside the mold in any order! Additionally, wicking is easier, more standardized, and no longer susceptible to ripping or tearing! Candles and wicks are now perfectly centered, every single time!

Along with this new design process comes the possibility to finally expand out our mold catalog. We have already added a new 9″ taper candle mold similar to our old design, and we’ll soon launch designs for hand-dipper tapers, pillar candles, and even lantern candles and votives!

We are excited to share the new Mighty Molds, and all of our new designs with you in the very near future. Please watch this space, as well as our social media, for updates on when these new designs will be released. In the meantime, please feel free to watch this video showing the full pour process using the NEW Mighty Molds Taper Candle Mold!


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