This is where it gets real, folks! The newest prototype is a triple cavity “Mini-Bread” loaf mold that allows you to pour one, two, or three loaves at a time! This prototype highlights the unprecedented functionality of MightyMolds. Traditional loaf molds are two-dimensional and often times, a real pain to work with. Wooden molds with flimsy silicone insert liners. Plastic molds with removable parts, screws, bolts, and headaches. MightyMolds change all of that.




The loaf mold we have created is a true three-dimensional shape, with curved edges and corners. When unmolded, these loaves will look like real, traditional loaves of bread with the mushroom top. We left the ends flat simply to facilitate cutting. Who wants unusable soap loaf caps?! Beyond this, the mold is a two-piece design, allowing for truly effortless unmolding.






This mold is also completely modular, meaning it can be broken down into a single mold, or more pieces can be added until you are pouring three loaves at a time. Each cavity holds approximately two pounds of soap, and the completely open pour area still allows for swirling, inserts, piping, and any other customization you may want to apply to your soap.













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