We’re back with our fourth prototype, the world’s first fully modular silicone candle mold. This prototype features two caps, and two Mighty Multipliers, turning a four-taper candle mold into a twelve-taper candle mold. Where previously each candle would require it’s own mold, and quite a bit of work to wick, this mold allows you to pour twelve candles at a time, and wicking is a breeze.


We’ve used our color testing in this latest prototype to showcase how the different layers and parts of a Mighty Mold come together to form one modular mold. Here we have the caps shown in red and blue, while the Multiplier pieces are colored white.  Additionally, this prototype marks our departure from the “nut-style” registry key system, to our own independently designed registry system. Our prototypes now make use of a tongue-and-groove locking system that keeps layers held tightly together, while creating a barrier between each casting subject that helps prevent leakage and seepage between subjects.



Be sure to check back in soon for our next video update, where we will use the latest prototype to pour twelve taper candles at one time! Wait until you see how easy they unmold!